The Defiant Women of Saudi Arabia

If a government was recognised as de facto government it implied that the government had effective control, the control appeared to be permanent and there was every likelihood that the regime would be a permanent one. This seems evident in Saudi Arabia’s de facto ban on women’s driving as women are viewed as inferior. Saudi women need permission from male counterparts to do a lot of things such as travelling and getting married inter alia.

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Injustices Against Aboriginal Women

Despite popular opinion, the Aboriginal peoples are still existent in the Western Hemisphere. They are not the way you would perceive them to be; half-naked with no idea of outside civilization or as perceived in a popular animated Disney film, Pocahontas. However, despite their evident advancement there are many issues that plague the contemporary Aboriginal peoples.

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Russia v The Gays

Russia Gays
In June of this year, Russia’s lower house of parliament (the Duma) passed a new law, which bans the spread of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” amongst minors. The bill, which was pre-approved in January, passed unanimously in the lower house and was soon after signed into law by Russian president Vladimir Putin. Although, homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, anti-gay sentiment remains high.

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Who Am I?

The implications of the Dominican Republic’s new Citizenship Laws

E Abiu Lopez and D Coto "Dominican Republic to End Citizenship of Those Whose Parents Entered Illegally" Huffington Post. ( 27 September 2013)  Accessed on 29 October 2013.

E Abiu Lopez and D Coto “Dominican Republic to End Citizenship of Those Whose Parents Entered Illegally” Huffington Post. ( 27 September 2013) < > Accessed on 29 October 2013.

What if we were to wake up tomorrow and hear that all individuals born to poor immigrant parents are no longer citizens of the country in which we live? Absurd isn’t it? This is the situation facing nearly 250,000 people in the Dominican Republic born to undocumented immigrants since 1929. What’s important to note is that majority of these individuals are Haitian descendants.

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The Westgate Mall Shootings

P Bentley, D Williams, H Arkell and M Duell “Ten Britons dead in mall carnage: Death toll could hit 130 as soldiers find bodies in collapsed complex” The Daily Mail. (25 September 2013) AFP/Getty Images.

Imagine: It is a regular Saturday afternoon; September 21, 2013. Young Kenyans, many of them everyday commuters, and a few foreigners are out about carrying on routine activities at a popular, upscale mall. It is International Peace Day in Nairobi but the sun is shining in a cruel and anachronistic twist of irony.

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Behind The Veil

Pakistani woman seeks to set legal precedence for atrocities committed by husband, in-laws

— Saving Face < > Accessed on October 29, 2013.

The Living Dead

I write this not as a reference to the popular science fiction drama The Living Dead but instead as a reference to a clandestine reality that plagues many in places only known to us through global media.

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