The Mona Law Precedent is the official student magazine and blog of the Mona Law Society. We post academic articles and cover events pertaining to the Law Society. This magazine is used as a tool for the executive of the Law Society to better interact with our peers. The members of the executive are as follows:

  • President – Litrow Hickson 

  • 1st Vice President – Shantal English

  •  2nd Vice President – Pete-semaj Mcknight

  • Secretary – Sara-lee Scott

  • Assistant Secretary – Makene Brown 

  • External Affairs Chairperson/Welfare Officer – Jermaine Campbell

  •  Legal Education Officer – Rowana-Kay Campbell 

  • Public Relations Officer – Peter Gaye Bromfield

  • Treasurer – Steven Jackson

  • Assistant Treasurer –Lanasia Nicholas 

  • Cultural Entertainment and Affairs Chairperson – Omari Richards

  • Sports Representative – Nasha-Kaye Virgo

  • Maintenance Chairperson – Glenroy Murray

  • Publications Chairperson – Kathryn Williams 

  • Third Year Representative – LenroyStewart

  • Second Year Representative –Jaavonne Taylor 

  • First Year Representative- Arielle Brown
  • Returning Officer – Yanique Taylor

Through the hard work and enthusiasm displayed by the members of the Publications Committee the executive of the Law Society has been able to shape and share the faculty’s collective message. The members of the committee are as follows:

  • Kathryn Williams (Chairperson) 
  • Gabrielle Munoz
  • Makene Brown
  • David Ellis
  • Micheal McFarquharson
  • Peter-Gaye Bromfield
  • Camilla Parris-Campbell
  • Christal Parris-Campbell
  • Candacia Thomas
  • Kimberley Williams
  • Carla Francis
  • Chris Goldson
  • Ingrid Brown
  • John Abel
  • Odane Lennon
  • Rushell Malcolm
  • Amanda Myers
  • Houston Thompson
  • Yakum Fitz-Henley
  • Daniesh Thomas
  • Kandace Downie
  • Connoly Black


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