February in Review

The month of February for the Faculty and the University at large was stocked with many events and challenges.

This February culminated with the celebration of Black History Month which appeared to be more of a whisper instead of a triumphant shout. Although some events were held to celebrate the impact of prominent Black heroes in our Afro-Caribbean existence, one cannot help but question if today’s youth find the relevance in it all.

The University’s Annual Homecoming week and Research Days was also held and promised to be a grand event with Justice Patrick Robinson, the newly elected judge on the International Court of Justice, being named as the 2015 honouree for the Homecoming celebrations[1]. He held a special audience with members of the Faculty of Law where we were able to pick his brain about issues relevant to the diaspora and the wider world along with his experiences working at The Hague[2].

Homecoming week, in particular the Homecoming parade was hampered by an attack of gender-based violence on the campus earlier in that week. This led to the cancellation of the parade and Integration Thursday from fear that large gatherings may result in spats of violence.

The noteworthy Homecoming Week was followed by the lively MLS Law Week (February 15-21). This included classic events such as legal attire day, law sports day and law outreach along with new events such as Legal Snapshot Day. Law Week culminated with the annual staging of the Mr and Miss Law: Laws of Attraction Pageant. Thirteen contestants vied for the title of Mr and Miss Law 2015, with Mikael Lorne and Chantelle Biersay taking the top spots.

All these events and incidents have aided in creating a tapestry in our legal journey that will not soon be forgotten.

©MLS Publications Committee 2015

[1] Homecoming Week and Research Days being held February 8-15 and 9-11 respectively.

[2] Justice Robinson is also the father of two known legal luminaries, namely Tracy Robinson lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Chairman at the IACHR and Julian Robinson MP of South Eastern St. Andrew.


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