[Re-post] Cavehill Corner: The Transition between Shores, Life of a Cavehill Student

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Name of Student: Romane Duncan

Year of Study: Second

Faculty: Law

Campus: University of the West Indies, Cavehill

  1. What’s the first thing you thought when you arrived in BIM[1]?

Uhm…why does this this place look exactly like Jamaica; the Caribbean is so similar!

  1. Tell me about your biggest culture shock.

So, its not that the customer service is bad, but it’s slow! So I think it’s just a cultural thing, we Jamaicans are probably too impatient! Definitely learning to take a chill pill!

  1. What’s the main difference between Cave Hill/Barbados and Mona/Jamaica? You

Mona is a 24hrs hub, full of life and food at any time of day (Nardo’s), Cave Hill calms after 8pm and if you want food, you know it’s a walk to the beloved Esso!

  1. The weather in BIM is beautiful! It changes more than chameleon’s skin. You always need a jacket as it rains for 1 minute periods! Keeping the temperature cool! It moves from one extreme to the next in seconds though.
  2. Law in BIM is great actually. I mean, I feel like my lecturers are equipped to deliver the content but these lecturers may mark harder. And the schedule is way more stable than at Mona. Cancelled classes are seldom.
  3. What are the main differences between courses taught at Cave Hill and those taught at Mona?

POLICY. As a proud Matthewsian (Hi Miss), I pride myself in seeking the policy behind the law, it’s not that important here!

  1. Describe your weirdest course/lecturer/tutor.

Sampson Owusu. He is just the best, he has a Ghanan accent which adds a new dimension to the technical area of Real Property. Just hearing him say ‘Ray-al Prropaaahtee’, you are interested and want to learn more. And who can doubt him when he was quoted by the Privy Council!

  1. How does it feel to be the last Jamaican group on the Cave Hill-Mona law programme?

I feel like I am being afforded the best opportunity! This idea of Caribbean integration is at the ambit of this programme and to be the last group saddens me. I feel like closing the programme sets us one step backward in achieving a unified Caribbean. Oh and plus every single, deggeh deggeh island is represented here, the true idea of a melting pot, bet yuh neva eat fig pie!!!

  1. Describe hall life. Does it differ greatly from hall life at Mona?

Uhm…it depends on the hall you live on! So lived on Rex at Mona (mi say a who dem??? Rex Reeeex Nettleford!) where I am used to my own space. It is very similar to Frank Worrel here! But here, I am a Sherlockite(All hail King Fattercock!), it has an amazing family life and definitely where the hype is at! Oh and in the Hall’s battle we destroyed the pussycats of Worrel! So, it’s a change for me (but it’s based on where I was).

  1. How involved are you in on campus activities?

Well, I won both the Inter-Island Debate and Public Speaking Competitions for Jamaica!!! Hip hip? I am an International Mooter going to Rio de Janeiro 2015! And I am an honorary Antiguan! Oh and I act every now and again! #caribbeannational #reallyinvolved

  1. Would you say you’ve become more patriotic since being in BIM?

Oh Gosh! A me say back a yahd! Yes!!! We rep Jamaica though! I get to be an ambassador for the great Nanny as well as for the rushing waters of Dunns River Falls! Blue Drawz?

  1. Do you seize all opportunity to promote Jamaican culture? Is it well received?

Every single one! I have to let them know we are not as violent as we seem to be! That we are really a hospitable people who love farrinas! And the foooooood! Yes they love it! We love it! Yup Jamaica body tun up! Yeah and everybody says Jamaican bad words hoping I’ll be impressed! (I’m not).

  1. Do you miss anything about Mona? If yes, what?

The life! The buzz! My friends! My PLAY foundation! 434 Rex Nettleford Hall! The random gazebos with electricity and WiFi! The 24 hrs library! The law faculty! On time taxi services!!! And the food outlets on campus that are affordable! I now pause to appreciate how convenient it is to buy food at Mona.

  1. How often do you feel homesick? What do you do to rid yourself of the feeling?

Not very often, but Bajan food is an acquired taste (I haven’t acquired itL). So, it becomes really difficult when you want some serious Sunday dinner or our Devon House I-scream delicacy or a hot patty from Tastees…but other than crying (lol), I skype a friend, eat a spoon of Jamaican Chocolate mix and play some yardie music! Nb. Don’t judge me! Mi awrite!

  1. If a Mona student decides to spend a semester at Cave Hill, what is one thing s/he must absolutely do in BIM?

Go on a Catamaran cruise! It is amazing! The country is beautiful and clean and you won’t be certain if you are vacationing or studying! I mean Mona is not near the beach so it a whole new experience! Turn down for what?

Shereese Graham

Second Year Law Student,

Faculty of Law, UWI Mona

Contributor, Mona Law Precedent

Member, Publications Committee

©Shereese Graham

[1] Nickname for Barbados

*This was re-posted (with apologies) as the author’s name (Shereese Graham) was spelled incorrectly.


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