Creative Corner: Can I be this?- Cannabis


Roll mi, squeeze mi, caress me, and undress mi,

Mi love dress inna white, but brown work tuh,

If yu need a high, check out di flights

Wedda yu like it, slow, fast, medium, even if yu shy

Jus’ waan kno se yu ready fi di ride

Some love fi put me inna a pipe

One ting maah tell yu, look out fi di stripes

Stars, cymbals, music nice,

Wateva yu waan mi be, am di choice,

I can be dis, I can be dat

Hol’ on de, mek mi show yu a vibes

Estás listo? A Spanish dat

Êtes-vous prêt ? French Dat! I can be your wildest dream,

den nuh English dat Mi nuh major inna di minor, mi nuh b-flat

Check out me roots, a Zion dat Mi have nuff name,

Mi have nuff character Weed, Cannabis, Ganja, Marijuana, 50 bag, 1

00 bag, 2 ounce, one poun’

Mi open doors, mi close yeye lids Me sleep inna sheet, an’ mi mek yu waan an’ skid

Check me out,me a guh mek history Doctors, Scientists, Prime Ministers se mi is a mystery

Me tell yu mi can be any ting yu waan’ De ya wait pan mi Attorney, fi set me up neat and straight

Suh mi can de every weh, even pan u lawn,

Nuh worry bout Baby lan’ a knock pan yu gate Look how long unnu did de ya wait

Mi tell yu se me bad, me tell yu se me great,

Mi have nuff fans, and whole heap a hate

One ting mi a tell yu before me evacuate, If yu waan’ fly; check mi at a later date!!!!

Saskia Barton

Second Year Law Student

Faculty of Law, UWI Mona

Contributor, Mona Law Precedent

Member, Publications Committee

© Saskia Barton, 2014


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