Creative Corner: For My Ex (UWI Version) 2014


Welcome to TVI, Television Irvine

(Just look at sus now now now…)

The views expressed on this the fifth show of All Triangles

Aren’t necessarily the views of TVI.

5 Today’s guest is Miss Bendi Phillips

One of Jamrock’s prettiest woman

Who ago share wid us how she did love off a Chancellor man

She did jus reach UWI and come thru back gate

Har mum was Downtown so she did haffi wait

10 Poor she nuh know campus yet walking she choose

Wen she reach KFC, she start drink a bag juice

She did feel alright as she quench har thirst

Til she tun round likkle and spot di yellow shirt

All weh she hear from Kim did clear in har vision

15 Bout di man dem a UWI weh eva rep di lion

She blink two time den swing har arm like Maurice Smith

Di poor bag juice land near Mona School of Business

She look pan him but him neva smile or laugh

Him only did a stare pan har Remi weh knockoff

20 Poor Bendi nuh know how fi look manShe jump up quick and stretch out har hand

Oh na na what’s ma name?

I mean what’s yuh name, what’s yuh name?

Di man push out him chest and start fi bluff

25 Den sehh, “Dem call me Mr Ruff It Up, dem call me Mr Ruff It Up!”

Har yeye dem bright up same same time

And soon she jus start fi move har hips and wine

Jus as she ago talk, she hear har phone a ring

Har mada a call har fi come collect di ting

30 Ruff It Up ask, “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby?”

She fool so till she sehh, “Here’s my number so call me Bendi…”

Di semester half and tings start look bright fi dem

Ruff It Up and Bendi turn boy an girl fren

Dem spend days togetha and mek all sort a plan

35 Dem go Sovereign and Deli and dung a Students Union

Dem go few parties, drink Smirnoff and all a dat

DJ play some hype songs like

“All I do is win, win, win no matter what

Got money on mind, I can never get enough

40 And every time I step up in the building

Everybody hands go up…”Party done and Bendi a search fi him

She walk round til she find him near di gym

A talk to a girl pan him Samsung phone

45 Bout, “Just hold on, I’m coming home!”

Bendi did upset so she slap him in him belly

And sehh, “Won’t you let me be your one and only?”

Ruff It Up upset so him grab on pan har hand

And sehh, “A so mi tan, a so mi tan, a so mi tan

50 Do mi owna ting and mi have a bag a gal!”

“But mi woulda cook fi yuh, wash fi yuh

Mek up yuh bed and clean yuh room fi yuh…”

“Baby mi woulda deh wid yuh but guess wah it nuh healthy

Because mi know sehh it wouldn’t help mi…”

55 “But when a man love a woman and a woman love a man a Jah Jah blessings

Like I love you and you love me a Jah Jah blessings”

“On to the next one, on to the next one…”

“Besides the good ones go, good ones go

So you should go, you should go”

60 Bendi bawl dung UWI fi di rest a di semester

She bawl dung di library and di lecture theatreYuh did really expect har fi start feel better

When har lion man left har fi a girl pan Taylor?

Since di new year, she pass him a assembly hall

65 Inna di same yellow shirt, standing brave and tall

Him sehh him buck a gal from UTech weh a study business

Bendi a pass and she betta watch out fi dis

She woulda bawl likkle more except har yeye dem did dry

So she hiss har teeth and hurry up pass by

70 She stop ova Juici and buy herself a cheese patty

Den tell herself sehh di chancellor man a real scabby

She decide fi write one last goodbye note to him

So she tek a likkle bite as she reach fi har pen

Dear Mr Ruff It Up is what she write first

75 If yuh neva know, mi a di girl inna di tight up skirt

Mi did drunk in love and a give yuh all of me

And dis love was taking all of ma energy

Mi did like yuh beat fast and yuh bass down low

But now yuh just somebody that I used to know

80 And mi shoulda know betta than fi fall

Fi yuh wen u come in like a wrecking ball

Sometimes love come around and it knock yuh down

And sometimes it all comes tumbling down

Wen one drop a kotch and six thirty a die

85 We haffi get up and try try try

Up all night to get lucky did in mi mind

But right now mi really hate dem blurred lines

Mi bust di windows out yuh car using a stick

But right now, I don’t care, I love it

90 Gwaan show off yuhself outta shoppers den

Cuz a me, Bendi, mek yuh locked outta heaven

A me mek yuh feel like yuh in a red light district

Now yuh a cheat and a sehh yuh luv this shit

Pull up yuh pants and put it pan yuh waist

95 Stop mek di Rexan girl a fog up di place

Think mi nuh hear di Towers girl ova Dynamite

A ask yuh if yuh not coming ova tonight?

Mi sehh amen, mi get di lion outta mi life

But mi a roar like Katy and mi weak like Keisha White

100 Mi kinda believe wen yuh say she’s just a friend

Cuz sometimes yuh haffi lose to win again

So mi jus a roll inna di deep and do a pretty girl rock

Cuz by mid semester, yuh know yuh haffi come back

Written for Imani Maxwell’s Talent Piece in Miss Irvinia 2014

Sherese Graham

Second Year Law Student


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