Law Week 2014

The theme for Law Week 2014 was “Thrive as you Strive”. Students were continually encouraged throughout the week to work hard and do their best regardless of what they were doing. The Mona Law Society arranged an activity for every day of the week providing a platform for integration as well as education.

Here is a review.

Church Service:

Law Week kicked off with a Church Service on Sunday February 16, 2014. Members of the Mona Law Society attended Church on the Rock.Those in attendance took part in song, praise and worship. Additionally one of the members ministered in song and another through scripture.The Society was commended by Pastor Frank Fletcher  for being God-fearing.

Wacky Legal Attire:

Wacky Legal Attire day took place on Monday February 17, 2014. Students were to wear wacky or legal attire to school. For the more conservative students they came dressed in their best legal wear, whilst others took a fashion risk wearing outrageous, silly, wacky outfits. A Wacky Legal Photo booth allowed for students to take pictures which were then posted to The Mona Law Society Facebook page. The public was then allowed to vote for the wackiest outfit. The wackiest outfit was awarded to Jonathan Burton, who received a gift basket as a prize.

Cultural Explosion:

On Tuesday February 18, 2014 students came out decked in their national colours and some even went a step further to dress in traditional folk wear. A competition was also held between second and third years who were to set up booths displaying cultural foods such as Banana Tart, Sweet Potato Pudding and Cornmeal pudding, some booths were even decorated with an array of fruits such as oranges and tangerines.

Discussion Forum:

The forum which was held on Thursday February 19, 2014 facilitated a discussion whereby very distinguished panellists shared many gems, and impactful advice in relation to the various aspects of the field of law to an audience comprised of Mona law students, Utech law students and Norman Manley Law Students. These distinguished panellists included: the Most Hon. Justice Pusey, Mr. Peter Champagnie, Mrs. Cecelia Chapman-Daley, Dr. Ramona Biholar and Mr. Mark Reynolds. Each panellist gave an overview of their field, the pros and cons of being involved in those fields and how to get there if one is interested.

The Most Hon. Justice Pusey, who is a puny judge, opined that if one gets into the field their interest should be genuine and not geared by monetary gain.

Mr Peter Champaigne, a criminal defence attorney, stressed that integrity is of the utmost importance, especially if one wishes to get involved as a defence attorney. He also reminded us that we should not expect regular sleeping hours…or regular eating habits.

Mrs  Cecelia Chapman-Daley, a tax attorney who is employed in the revenue department of the government of Jamaica, reiterated the importance that one’s interest in any legal field must be genuine. She also stressed the reality and difficulty of juggling work and family life from a woman’s perspective.

Dr. Ramona Biholar, a lecturer here at the faculty and a Human Rights Activist, shared aspects of her Human rights endeavours, especially her personal encounter with Human rights issues in her home country and others across the globe. Dr. Biholar gave a more academic perspective on the profession. She emphasized the importance of advocacy, a true manifestation of the general human right of expression. She also shared the fact that conducting research opens many doors for travel.

The last panellist Mr Mark Reynolds, the youngest attorney on the bench who recently received his L.L.M in Privacy and telecommunications, gave a very impactful overview of his journey to the bar. Being the youngest on the bench, he related very well to the students in attendance.  Mr. Reynolds who is employed at the firm Gran Stewart Phillips & Co. specializes in Intellectual property. He recalls the very recent struggle of being a student in the faculty and his failures to make the grades. Mr. Reynolds stresses the importance of balancing extracurricular activities and reading for one’s degree. His most important advice was to never give up, he recounts his improvements from doing supplementals to obtaining an A+ (95%) and states that there is always time to turn things around in your favour.

Talent Show and Games Day:

Thursday February 20 2014 facilitated both the Mr. and Miss Law talent showcase and the annual Games Day which was held in the lounge.

The Talent show showcased the talents of all the Mr and Miss law contestants, such performances included song, spoken word, dance and even comedic cabaret.

The Games day event saw the different houses competing in a game of Taboo for points to go towards sports day. At the end of the day, the victors were Green House ,Judges.

Sports Day:

With Law week coming to a close, Sports day was held on February 21 2014. The day started out with swimming events at approximately 11 Am. Later in the afternoon all those in attendance made their way to the venue across from the pool for field and track events. The events ended with yellow house (members of parliament) being the victor, followed by red house (Law enforcement) and Blue house (Head of State)

Mr and Miss Law Pageant:

Law Week ended with The Mr. & Miss Law Pageant on Saturday February 22,2014.The Programme was off to a late start but at approximately 9:00pm the competitors flooded the stage in Grecian wear dancing to Grecian music. The opening dance was followed by an introductory section which allowed contestants to share a little about themselves and the gods and goddesses they were represented; in keeping with the Grecian Theme.

The top talents from the talent competition were showcased as entertainment for the evening along with performances from two very  talented law students.

Contestants were judged on Legal Attire, Beach wear, Evening Gown and a Question section by a panel of judges who are all no strangers to the pageant world. The question section determined top 5 females and top 3 males. The judges scores along with the scores from the fast track events were tallied ultimately deciding the winners of the pageant Mr. Jonathon Burton and Miss Rushell Malcolm.


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