Intolerance: A Hurdle and Its Surmounting (Opinion Piece)

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In his book, Political Culture of Democracy in Jamaica: 2006, Professor Ian Boxhill defined tolerance as “the willingness to recognize and respect the civil liberties of fellow citizens, even those with whom there is strong disagreement”. In his definition of tolerance; respect for those who have a difference in opinion is a significant component. Therefore the definition shall be a fundamental premise for this discussion. He regards a high level of tolerance as fundamental to the functioning of any political democracy, while highlighting the correlation between the democracy’s strength and the levels of tolerance therein. This therefore means that any functional and developed society would display tolerance and respect as basic features. As this researcher considers the limits on respect and tolerance in the 21st century, great consideration is given to Jamaica’s Vision 2030, the ultimate goal of which is for our nation to evolve into a developed country by that year. It is therefore arguable that, at least on the premise outlined by Boxhill, that Jamaica needs to acquire an agreeable level tolerance before it can be truly counted among the World’s developed.

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TVJ & The Pro-Equality Macklemore Performance

TVJ Article

On January 26, 2014 the 56th Grammy Awards were held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. In Jamaica it was aired on the television (TV) station Television Jamaica (TVJ). Throughout the night there were interruptions in audio and video presumably due to technical difficulties on TVJ’s part. There was a particularly long disruption of video during the pro-equality performance led by the rapper Macklemore. This may lead one to ask, was that specific interruption deliberate? If it was does TVJ have a right to block a part of a broadcast?

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Law Week 2014

The theme for Law Week 2014 was “Thrive as you Strive”. Students were continually encouraged throughout the week to work hard and do their best regardless of what they were doing. The Mona Law Society arranged an activity for every day of the week providing a platform for integration as well as education.

Here is a review.

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Studying Effectively


Attitude is everything. In order to study effectively you must first have a mindset of determination, a sense of focus and place high value on your education. If you lack these essential qualities of a good student, if you are prone to chronic procrastination that you are unable to control and if you lack even the slightest passion for your field of study then this article is probably not for you. However, the fact that you have begun reading indicates that you are indeed concerned about your academic welfare and you desire to improve your performance through studying more effectively. The tips outlined in this article should assist you in improving your study methods drastically.

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