Keeping Your Mind Sharp Over The Christmas Break

After months of attending lectures and tutorials (hopefully you went to most, if not all of them) and studying arduously, exams are finally behind us. Many of us probably just want to relax, have fun and not do or think about school-work until well into the new calendar year. owebeHHHowever, it would not be wise to shun all intellectually stimulating activities over the break. That being said, studying during the holiday is not necessary. The key is to not fall at either end of the spectrum but to find a happy medium.

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Is it Fair? : The Woes of the Skin Bleaching Phenomenon

A recent expose’ on the current affairs programme All Angles (which I am pretty sure everyone saw), explored the phenomenon of skin bleaching in Jamaica. The topic of skin bleaching has been a hot button issue, especially during the era of neo-colonialism when pan Africanism, Garveyism or Black Pride took centre stage in the west. But is it only those of African descent who grapple with this inherent need to bleach to feel beautiful or accepted? According to western media that seems to be the case but careful research shows otherwise.

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Exploring the Security Interests in Personal Property (SIPP) Bill

Over the past few months, we (those of us who are interested) have heard ramblings about the Security Interests in Personal Property (SIPP) Bill and its various shortcomings. But what is this SIPP Bill? How did it come about? Why is there so much fussing over what many of us would deem ‘another simple bill’? Join me in exploring these issues that have been before Parliament’s Joint Select Committee for the better part of the last five months.

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