Journey of a First Year Part 3

As the semester comes to an end, I’m forced to wonder where all the time went. I remember walking into this faculty in September with almost child-like excitement in anticipation of the journey upon which I was about to embark.


This excitement ended after the first week. It was replaced by daily cursing about all the work I had to do. I somehow entered the law faculty half-thinking I’d be able to procrastinate and frolic my way through, like I did throughout much of high school. Sue me for thinking the airy look of the building with frolicking fish and sunlight coming through the ceiling reflected the amount of work that I’d receive. Actually, considering I’m in a faculty of lawyers and budding lawyers, an invitation to sue is probably not the smartest idea. So please, don’t sue me.

Now you might be wondering, since I realized that I couldn’t procrastinate with all the work, how exactly I’ve managed to cut out procrastination. The short answer is: I have not. Never have I been more up to date with the adventures of Olivia Pope and Scandal. A few people who have been trying to crush my dreams and cause me to immediately ‘dis-enroll’ from law have been trying to convince me that being a lawyer is nothing like Scandal or Suits. I responded ‘lies!’ of course. I fully expect to be talking clients out of blowing up the White House and be recruited by a suit-crazy, egomaniacal lawyer in the future. No I’m not insane. The factors are external so if anything, I’m an automaton (yes, I just made a ‘law joke.’ Yes, that’s how far I’ve sunk; I am thoroughly disappointed in myself).

On another note, the final exam schedule is set and for other faculties exams will have already begun. My two major exams are within eight days of each other. I wish I had the will power of those of my friends who have been studying from the beginning of November. For those of you who are my kindred spirits- fellow procrastinators, I’d encourage you to put aside those awesome distractions. Take up the adventures of Evon Smith, or Powell and English instead of Kerry Washington. Also, it would probably be best to get that Legal Methods Assignment out of the way early so that you will have sufficient time to prepare well. Whether or not I will take my own advice… is yet to be seen.

© Teris Fray 2013


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