Exam Tips and Tricks


Exams are upon us once again, and as many scramble to catch up on months worth of material, others seem content with mere revision and a few practices questions.

Everyone has their own method of studying which suits their particular lifestyle. However, around this time numerous others become experts at stress and anxiety. But fear not, relax, take a breath and check out these helpful exam tips and tricks.

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Why INDECOM Should Stay

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has recently been the topic of many discussions from both those in support and those against the entity.

This is especially due to a recent Constitutional Court ruling, which affirmed the INDECOM powers, as well as the publication of reports that show that there have been 80 civilians killed by agents of the State between July and October 2013.

In taking a look at these discussions we shall examine the nature of INDECOM as an organisation, its birth, its role and well as how it fares when juxtaposed to similar entities worldwide.

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An Interview with Ms. Matthews

Q:What is the best advice anyone has given you ?

A: Bill Stuntz, my criminal law professor, affected me in so many ways. Although he has now passed away, what he instilled in me is the ability to see and convey the bigger picture. It sometimes feels as though our legal system quickly degenerates into one of competing interests. Prosecutors, defence attorneys and the judiciary sometimes seem focused on their own institutional goals at the expense of true justice for the parties involved . With these competing interests there is a tendency to forget what is truly important. Professor Stuntz helped me to see the humanity in law.

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The Defiant Women of Saudi Arabia

If a government was recognised as de facto government it implied that the government had effective control, the control appeared to be permanent and there was every likelihood that the regime would be a permanent one. This seems evident in Saudi Arabia’s de facto ban on women’s driving as women are viewed as inferior. Saudi women need permission from male counterparts to do a lot of things such as travelling and getting married inter alia.

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Injustices Against Aboriginal Women

Despite popular opinion, the Aboriginal peoples are still existent in the Western Hemisphere. They are not the way you would perceive them to be; half-naked with no idea of outside civilization or as perceived in a popular animated Disney film, Pocahontas. However, despite their evident advancement there are many issues that plague the contemporary Aboriginal peoples.

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