Noise Abatement: Enforceability Issues

The Noise Abatement Act of 1997 prevents the unwarranted creation of sounds in any public or private setting during a restricted period, in order to mitigate the commission of public disturbance. The types of sounds which are prohibited under the Act include singing, playing or sounding a musical or noisy instrument, operating a loudspeaker or microphone or any other device used for the amplification of sound.

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The Westgate Mall Shootings

P Bentley, D Williams, H Arkell and M Duell “Ten Britons dead in mall carnage: Death toll could hit 130 as soldiers find bodies in collapsed complex” The Daily Mail. (25 September 2013) AFP/Getty Images.

Imagine: It is a regular Saturday afternoon; September 21, 2013. Young Kenyans, many of them everyday commuters, and a few foreigners are out about carrying on routine activities at a popular, upscale mall. It is International Peace Day in Nairobi but the sun is shining in a cruel and anachronistic twist of irony.

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Behind The Veil

Pakistani woman seeks to set legal precedence for atrocities committed by husband, in-laws

— Saving Face < > Accessed on October 29, 2013.

The Living Dead

I write this not as a reference to the popular science fiction drama The Living Dead but instead as a reference to a clandestine reality that plagues many in places only known to us through global media.

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