Journey of a First-Year: Part II

N Cody "Writing as a Manifestation Tool"  (18 March 2012)  Accessed on 29 October 2013.

N Cody “Writing as a Manifestation Tool” (18 March 2012) < > Accessed on 29 October 2013.

Mi jus a guh home and nuh come back ah dis yah place”, is what someone said to me a couple weeks ago. Mid-semester exams: the University’s extension of a choice finger to all those who were coasting along thinking ‘University isn’t so hard’. I was one of those persons if you remember last month. Yeah, not anymore, I too am contemplating going home and not coming back to ‘dis yah place’. Then I remember that no exam can compare to that ‘beatin’ from an, oh so loving mother.

So I did what I thought was the smart thing, and flipped a coin for the answers. The problem only arose, when I tried re-checking my work. In reality, I only had one exam and it wasn’t exactly, impossibly hard. But alas, I am student; hear me complain (the original title of this compilation of my ramblings, believe it or not). So let me complain some more: aside from any exam nerves, can I talk about how absolutely terrifying it was for me to walk into the room? No it wasn’t the prospect of sitting still for an hour, although that was pretty daunting. I was so scared even though I knew my fees were paid, that the machine would glow red and scream ‘you are not allowed to do this exam’. Yes, I read a lot of Harry Potter so that objects talking wouldn’t mean that I could probably plead insanity if ever arrested.

What I did find terribly annoying is that after all this time, I can repeat the invigilator’s monologue even though I only heard it once after being deaf for the first 43 times it was said. “Law students in Rows 1-10 (as clearly written on an un-repetitive sign), Science and Technology Students in…” If only she’d been reading the Court’s ruling in R v Hinds.

We received our first major assignment this month too. After much procrastinating, I procrastinated some more. And at the time of writing this, I still haven’t done the assignment. By now, unless you have a time machine, you should’ve already handed in your assignment. However, maybe this advice can help going forward.

Last month I was still about ‘dis yah place.’ Now I still am, albeit a little less fervently. The workload is increasing quickly, but I’m not worried. I procrastinate with the best of them – so much so that I’ve put off worrying until tomorrow.

Teris Fray


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