Work Hard Play Hard Too :Finding Your Balance Between Law and Life

As future legal practitioners we all enter the faculty with a drive for success. We think acquiring this means spending hours in the library reading cases, statutes, notes and other legal materials and we are correct, that plays a huge role in our success . However, some of us will do this for a week or two or even for an entire month and then we get side tracked by all the happenings on campus and our studies suffer. The rest of us find ourselves at the other end of the spectrum we live, eat, sleep, breathe law.We basically open and close the library doors on a daily basis. But how about a balance, finding that mid-ground between two extremes.

 Sure studying and practicing law is without a doubt physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding .Many of us will learn for the first time in our lives what it means to be burnout! Fatigue will be REAL! BUT in addition to preparing competent lawyers, the university, the faculty and Mona Law Society have several measures in place for us to create a condition that allows work life, social life and personal life to balance. All it takes is some self discipline and organizing your time.

There is more beyond the third floor.This legal experience is so much more than acquiring knowledge within our lecture rooms and seminar rooms, it goes beyond the library. We should enjoy the entire campus, the law building and the facilities available. Certainly what feels like balance to one person may differ for another because individuals have different goals,values and definitions of success. However, here is a basic balancing tip:

The key to balance is all in your head. Begin to think differently. So many law students feel guilty about taking time out for themselves, because they believe being away from work is an unproductive use of time. I tell you what relax,GET OVER IT! Chill, you deserve some time to yourself.

Pretty basic right? Let us try to avoid low productivity, insomnia, and stress related illnesses that can occur because of failure to find balance. If we start mastering the art of balance from now then by the time we are officially lawyers, we will be pros. Work hard but play hard too.

Peter Gaye Bromfield 

PRO (2013-2014)


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