Top MLS Events Last Year

The 2012-2013 academic year was a successful one for the Mona Law Society. Here is a review of some of our top events.

Roll Call

The event was off to a slow start at 5pm. Reggae, Soca, R&B and the all time favourite , Dancehall music bleared throughout the night in the lounge. As expected the first years were a bit timid at first but before we knew it, everyone was mixing, mingling and dancing the night away. A high point was the hilarious fluffy/slim girl dance off. Let’s just say that was a sign of a good time. The party ended at approximately midnight with everyone agreeing that it was a huge success.

 Mr. and Ms. Law Pageant

After two successful years as a female only pageant, the organizers decided to include males thus changing “Miss Law” into “Mr. and Ms. Law”. The theme for 2013 was Arabian Nights. Therefore, men were dressed in their shirtless vests and women in their belly dancing costumes. The show opened with the men performing a theatrical sword fighting scene to the song Arabian Nights from Aladin followed by the females dancing to the soca song “Indian Gyal”. Contestants were groomed in speech, walk and dance. There were several fast track competitions leading up to the night. They included:

  1. Best Model

  2. Most Aware

  3. The Talent Competition
  4. People’s Choice

  5. Most Photogenic

  6. Facebook Competition

  7. Best Swimsuit Body

  8. Q & A

  9. Best Evening Wear

The last four categories were the final deciding factors as to who made it to the top 5. The night ended with the Rochelle Johnson being announced as Ms. Law and Isat Buchannon as Mr. Law.

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion was an impromptu Halloween Party. Those who were wearing costumes were allowed to enter free and those without costume paid a small fee. Some costumes featured were police,witch, school girl, greek goddess, pirate, little red riding hood, batman, just to name a few, even Janelle Monae. The best costume though was a bunny who hopped right throughout the night in her heels. She was so convincing that the DJ offered her a carrot. The party went right past midnight. It was a huge success.


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