The Journey of a First Year: Part 1

J Berube “Important Female Writers of the Beat Generation” < > Accessed on October 27, 2013.

I heard one of my colleagues say last week that their high school was more organized than ‘this place’. “The UWI?” I thought, “Surely not”. But then I thought about it and realized/assumed that he probably wasn’t talking about the lobby sofa area where we were sitting at the time.

Of course, I might have been wrong and he was only talking about sofas; but I thought about UWI being disorganized and at first I completely disagreed. Everything seems so advanced. We are almost paperless and you can be so hands-on with registration and student affairs, we read slides off state of the art projector systems in lecture theatres and most of all we ride elevators three floors when it actually takes half the time to walk. I know. I’ve actually calculated it. I am that much of a nerd.

But I digress. At first I couldn’t think what about UWI was disorganized. Then I remembered walking past the notice board countless times and seeing notices that I really couldn’t tell what was put up today from what was put up a year ago. I remembered that lecture where the first five minutes seemingly always consisted of comparisons with/about OurVLE and that question where the temptation to say ‘No, we’ve long broken up’ never fails to torment me.

Still, all joking aside I wouldn’t agree that my high school was as or more organised than the law faculty – far from it. The ease with which I can get to the relevant information and the willingness of all, or at least a large majority of, my lecturers to go through topics in depth has astounded me. People always told me that in university, they didn’t care. You were spoken to and expected to understand, set work and no one would care whether it was done or not. I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I’ve found the lecturers very accommodating.

Nevertheless, from the very first week, my second-year advisor told me to make sure to take advantage of the accommodation of lecturers from early. Do not wait until the week before exams. I believe our lecturers want you to do well. Do not be afraid to ask questions, especially if you don’t understand. Even if that question was to that person sitting next to you who might have understood better or at least differently than you did. “There is no right or wrong answer”, is what I have heard… far too many times. That is another thing that I have had personal trouble with however; I am a reasonably quiet and introverted person so I haven’t gotten to know too many people in my year. Nominations for ‘First-Year Representative’ on the Mona Law Society were opened, and I had no idea who I wanted to represent me.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed these last few weeks starting at the Law Faculty, even though the work-load has been building slowly as the weeks have worn on. What I was advised though, was to make sure that I completed each worksheet during that week so that I didn’t find myself swamped during exam time. I could always go rent a hotel room and buy clothespins to pin up papers all over the room and ‘study’ like we saw it that movie from the first LMRW class though. Couldn’t I?

Teris Fray


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