Sports Day 2013

Sporting events for the academic term 2012/2013 started off with swimming. For the very first time, the Mona Law Society kicked off the sporting events with a swim meet, which took place a week before sports day.

The event was held at the university swimming pool. As per usual participants from the four houses: Law Enforcement (Red) , Heads of State (Blue), Judges (Green), and Members of Parliament (Yellow) all competed in free style, backstroke, breast stroke and relay races. At the end of the day, the Members of Parliament came out on top and some of the spectators and contestants finished the day off with an all too hilarious Harlem shake video.

A week later the big day had arrived, Sports day. The day received quite a lot of support from members of the faculty, holding the record for the biggest turnout for a MLS sports day (this year we do anticipate an even better record). Participants competed in races such as 100 M, 200 M, 800 M, 4 x 1 and 4 x 2 relays. Spectators cheered for their houses and were treated to good music, good vibes and had the option to purchase snack items such as pizza from the MLS concession stand. Definitely not forgotten were the appearances from the lovely ladies and admirable gentlemen of the Mr and Miss Law competition- The contestants also participated in a special “Mr and Miss Law Sprint” in a bid for the coveted title.

In the end Members of Parliament finished in first place with a total of 130 points, the Heads of State came second with a total of 125 points followed by Law Enforcement with a total of 98 points and Judges coming in last with a total of 45 points.

The day ended with a casual football match and a medal ceremony.

A job well done by MLS sports committee. 

David Ellis



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